The banking industry is undergoing constant organizational redesign, operating and business model transformation and process innovation and optimization.


We partner with our clients at every juncture of the transformation process to drive immediate and long-term success.


Financial institutions are facing shrinking revenues.  Intensifying competition also compromises customer loyalty and increasing regulatory requirements place pressure on liquidity.


We help our clients boost their operational efficiency, enhance customer relationships and increase profitability.


We deliver tangible results in the following areas:


  • Developing management dashboards and key performance indicators
  • Implementation and follow up of cost metrics
  • Improvement of collateral and liquidity management
  • Analysis and allocation of cost of funding for each activity
  • Review of Operations Governance

We partner with clients facing the need to cut costs and optimize your competencies through relocation strategies


We support our clients through:


  • Defining the service delivery model strategy (target location choice, vendor selection and business case development)
  • Conducting risk and benefits assessment and identification of the functions to be transferred
  • Providing management and follow-up


Example of recent work:


Offshoring Study and Target Operating Model design


We worked with a major Corporate and Investment bank to analyze the opportunities near shoring and offshoring might bring.  As part of a global cost reduction initiative, the CH&Co team assessed the implications within the Back Office, Middle Office and IT departments.  The team conducted an in-depth target location strategy, identified the functions to be transferred, designed an effective and scalable target organizational model and conducted a comprehensive costs and savings assessment. Return on investment was achieved within 18 months.

Organizational design

We work with our clients to refocus your business on your customers, service delivery, and on the creation of innovative cross-asset value-added services.


Our areas of expertise include:


  • Organization redesign
  • Implementation of new target operating models
  • Change management


Examples of recent work:


Defining a post-merger business strategy


A leading US bank approached CH&Co to merge its two private banks to create an integrated unit and service offering. The main challenge was the consolidation of the technology and operations support activities of several legal entities into the bank’s existing shared service center in Geneva. The CH&Co team drew up a structured approach to the merger and ran the program management over the yearlong migration. To ensure business continuity, we built a transitory operating model for the combined activities, enabling the bank to present a single face to the market at the earliest opportunity. Real results were further delivered through the implementation of process improvements and post-merger optimization opportunities.


HR Department transversal review


CH&Co helped a major financial services institution refocus its HR department on its core and strategic activities.  The CH&Co team developed a new organizational design which transformed the HR service delivery model, eliminated non value-added activities by outsourcing administrative functions and optimized workloads and reduced costs.

Process optimization

The increased need for transparency and a global approach to driving business has led to a need for product standardization and faster and leaner internal processes.


We help optimize your processes through the implementation of:


  • Management of process improvement programs such as Lean Six Sigma or DILO
  • Optimization F/O to Accounting processes (FX reconciliation and sell-down processes, cash management process review and eco/accounting P&L reconciliations)


Example of recent work:


Redesigning a regional cash management process


A leading global corporate and investment bank was facing an increasingly competitive business landscape in APAC, unaligned cash management processes and unstandardized client service quality. 


They called on CH&Co to help them adapt their APAC cash management offering through improving customer service, optimizing resources and reducing operational risk.


The CH&Co team mapped existing workflows and designed a target operating model which increased the STP rate, reduced manual handling and homogenized the global operations setup. The team designed a customer service improvement plan to increase the business window (cut-off time management), implemented real-time payment systems and improved monitoring of production incidents.

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