Times are tough for corporate and investment banks.  Shrinking revenues, increasing competition and intense regulatory scrutiny have made it imperative for CIBs to rethink business strategies and operating models. 


We help our clients navigate this change and come out ahead. 


Developing new revenue streams

The lack of confidence from clients and recent regulatory mandates and initiatives have created seismic challenges for banks as they look to maintain profitability and ideally growth.

We work closely with our clients to define new revenue streams. Expansion into new areas will ensure stability, while this evolutionary transformation becomes more a mandate of survival than a mandate of growth.


We deliver tangible results in the following areas:


  • Launch of new activities or products
  • Products and service restructuring
  • New or existing markets expansion
  • Definition of new pricing strategies
  • Definition of new channel strategies
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness optimization
  • Data and analytics for customer profitability optimization

Finding the best model to support future growth

We work with our clients to design, create and implement their long-term vision for growth.


We assess current business models and advise on how these can be optimized, improved and well-positioned to drive growth.


We deliver tangible results in the following areas:


  • Location strategies
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Set-up of performance measures
  • Process and IT simplification
  • IT strategy definition

Defining the best strategies for capital, funding and liquidity management

With the shift in banks’ business models from revenues to resource management, there’s a need for leaner balance sheet management.


We partner with our clients to help them meet compliance requirements and enhance performance.


We deliver impactful results in the following areas:


  • Readiness assessment and implementation of organization and processes within new regulations (Basel III, Dodd-Frank, EMIR full implementation and leverages)
  • Review of modeling compliance (leverage ratio, CVA, RWA, LVA, LCR, NSFR)
  • Stress test modeling and implementation (DFAST, CCAR, AQR)
  • Global and local living will / resolution plans
  • Set-up and processes for Collateral Management (pricing, CSA, CCP)
  • Corporate Deposit optimization, collateral management
  • Review and enhancements of limits and resources allocation, business reviews
  • Recommendation in asset deleveraging, rotation, hedging switches
  • Support in Originate-to-Distribute organization effectiveness
  • Set-up of financial reporting and dashboards
Anticipating and preparing regulatory requirements and transforming their constraints into opportunities

We work closely with banks to identify emerging regulatory developments, manage the regulatory complexity across the enterprise – including cross-border impacts - and leverage new requirements to turn them into opportunities.


We deliver the following:


  • Implementation of the Volcker Rule and review of the business strategy
  • Drafting of Resolution Plans
  • Impact assessment to set up an Intermediate Holding Company
  • Set-up of Trade Repositories and recordkeeping solutions
  • Implementation of clearing requirements and review of the related operating model
  • Capital and liquidity modeling and stress testing (DFAST, AQR, CCAR…)
  • Risk data aggregation and reporting (BCBS 239) FATCA implementation


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