Insurance companies need to rethink their business models, strategies and organization. 


We partner with our clients to meet the rapidly changing needs of your customers, respond to the ever shifting competitive landscape and seize the opportunities regulatory changes can bring.


Strategic analysis

We work with insurance companies to improve performance, identify current and future sources of advantage and build and maintain long-term competitive advantage


We deliver high impact results in the following areas:


  • Product & Category Management
  • Channel Management
  • Data Management
  • IT & Operational Organization
Complex project management

We provide project management services to our clients to assist them in entering new markets and expanding their product lines and client segments.


Our deliverables include:


  • Assessment of organizational, process and IT infrastructure
  • Definition of the business units, functions, locations and management layers needed to connect to make key decisions
  • Monitoring of project resources across different functions and locations
  • Digital & Mobile development
Process optimization

We study the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s most critical processes in order to deliver the highest quality of service, in the most efficient way, at the most competitive cost


Example of tangible results we’ve delivered:


  • Creation of a European-wide framework for optimizing management processes claims for an insurance group
Change management

We help our clients implement new processes and strategies.  We develop change management programs to facilitate change initiatives, drive internal buy-in and ensure smooth implementation.


We facilitate meaningful change through:


  • Identifying where and when troubles are likely to occur
  • Planning, designing and implementing change management initiatives
  • Structuring the global communication plan
  • Facilitating relationships between functions, locations and management layers
  • Aligning the team and individual objectives with the group objectives
Consulting technicians / IT Transformation

Most strategic or operational change has deep impact on an organization’s IT infrastructure.   We bring our deep expertise and breadth of experience to help you optimize your IT infrastructure.


We support IT transformation in the following ways:


  • Identification of the technology capabilities needed to achieve medium and long-term goals
  • Ensuring IT organizations and operating models are flexible and effective to quickly respond to any regulatory or market change
  • Gap analysis, markets comparison and SI solutions benchmarks
  • Management software definition – Impact analysis and critical features identification

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