The pressure is high for investment service providers but there are always new opportunities for growth.


We work with private banks, asset managers, family offices and security service providers to identify, develop and implement sustainable revenue sources.

Driving growth through sustainable innovation

We seamlessly co-create sustainable growth solutions with our clients.  From identification to implementation, we collaborate with our clients to ensure our ideas are not only game changing but also work in practice.


Some of the practical solutions we deliver include:


  • Launching new activities or new products
  • Restructuring products and services
  • Developing new and existing markets
  • Identifying new pricing strategies
  • Identifying new distribution strategies
  • Increasing efficacy of sales and marketing
  • Increasing client profitability through Big Data

Finding an operational model to support growth, cost-optimization and risk management

We work with our clients to optimize processes, costs and manage risk within thier respective local and global markets.


By working on site with our clients and their teams, we are able to develop and implement optimization models that meet the needs of the global market while still being aligned to the specific circumstances of your local business.


We deliver tangible results in the following areas:


  • Operational strategies
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Initiatives to reduce costs
  • Optimization and simplification of business and IT processes
  • Deployment of process performance measurement
  • Definition of IT strategy

Navigating regulatory change

Our singular focus on financial services means we’re always on top of what the new regulations and rules are.  We work with our clients to evaluate and implement these new rules and also identify and measure the impact these might have.


What we deliver:


  • Evaluation of the impact of evolving regulations on the operational business model
  • Evaluation of the level of preparation and implementation of the business and of the process with regard to new regulations (FATCA, DFA, T2S, UCITS, AIFM, EMIR, Basel III)
  • Deployment of calculated risk models (financial leverage ratios, CVA, RWA, LVA, LCR)
  • Implementation of regulatory changes: recreating the operational processes, updating the IT platform
  • Cost reducing and controlling initiatives
  • Optimization and simplification of operational and IT processes


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