The wealth management industry is ready for change. 


We help banks embrace this change and position themselves for new revenue generation and profitability.


Sales Force Management

We guide our clients in maximizing the effectiveness of their sales force, articulating their commercial strategy and defining their key customer segments.


We provide practical advice in the following ways:


  • Analysis of commercial positioning and strategy
  • Analysis of the main sales and advisory processes
  • Definition and validation of commercial strategy, objectives, segmentation and value propositions
  • Definition and validation of Front Office organizational structure, business and operating model
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art Sales Force management tools
  • Development process for gathering market intelligence and customer insights
  • Optimized and standardized sales and advisory processes
  • Relationship Manager individual action plans
Digital Strategy

We take a customer centric approach to developing digital strategies. 


We work with our clients to understand their customer base, digital behaviors and private banking needs.  From there, we align our clients' business strategy and value proposition to ensure we develop digital solutions that resonate with their customers and also leverage their business strengths.


We drive digital change through:


  • Defining the Digital Strategy
  • Developing the digital implementation plan
  • Articulating the Multi-Channel Operating model, building the business case accordingly and defining the roadmap action plan
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Integrating the digital strategy throughout your organization
Client On-Boarding

We advise our clients on how to improve the client onboarding process, from reducing inefficiencies to developing onboarding guidelines to make the client experience seamless, to create a seamless customer experience.


We optimize the client onboarding process in the following ways:


  • Analysis of existing client onboarding processes
  • Identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies and risks
  • Benchmarking of current client experiences with competitors
  • Identification and prioritization of obstacles and opportunities
  • Definition of target client onboarding guiding principles
  • Design of the target process
  • Definition of the Target Operating Model which supports an efficient and risk-free process
  • Implementation of continuous improvements through mechanical monitoring
  • Change management and training
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We support our clients in identifying their business process needs and sourcing and onboarding business process partners to outsource to.


We draw on our global network of business process outsourcing providers and extensive private banking experience to deliver business process solutions that work in practice.


Our approach involves:


  • Building the business case by assessing the best options between process reengineering, ASP (Application System Provider), and partial BPO to outsource processes that are non-core to the bank’s value proposition and full BPO
  • Conducting an advanced impact analysis, including functional and organizational coverage and gap analysis with main BPO providers on the market
  • Managing the RFP and selection processes to identify the best provider based on key selection criteria
  • Designing a target operating model in line with bank’s products and services offering
  • Defining the roadmap for implementation and project plan
  • Managing the transition while closely monitoring risks
  • Supporting the bank in the change management process
Merger and post-merger integration

We support our clients throughout the change management process, starting from defining the target “One Bank”, designing the new organizational model and facilitating the transition through change management.


We facilitate change in the following ways:


  • Definition of the integration scope, from determining the degree of integration to identifying program work streams
  • Articulation of the vision, strategy, culture and target business model
  • Design of the operating model, technology and data realignment
  • Development and execution of the integration planning, change roadmap, governance and communication
  • Identification and development of the retention strategy for key players and clients
  • Design and implementation of the change management program
Tax & Regulatory

We help our clients navigate the new regulatory environment and master the implementation of new regulation. 


Our deep expertise in this area ensures we deliver results that not only reflect an accurate interpretation of the regulatory framework but also pre-empt the impact these have on the operational organization of the bank.


We help our clients through conducting and implementing:


  • In depth analysis of the regulatory framework
  • Impact analysis on the internal organization of bank
  • Identification of processes and departments impacted by the change
  • Define new Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Establish the project plan and steps to reach the TOM
  • Run the project and implement the changes throughout the organization
  • Monitor post implementation and provide necessary support to operational units


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