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Biz Dev & Transformation

What is pandemic planning and how to do it right

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3 April 2020

In the United States, planning efforts to respond to future pandemics started in 1976. It was first centered around public health and was progressively extended to other critical instit...

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Banks tackle the KyC challenge

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11 February 2020

The increasing cost of ‘know your customer’ resources within financial institutions is becoming a major strategic issue. One not to be neglected under any circumstances.

Data, Tech & Cyber Security

“Pandemic bond”: marketing gadget or useful financial instrument?

News and views
17 March 2020

In June 2017, the World Bank issued two bonds destined to cover developing countries against the risk of pandemic outbreaks. Please click on the arrow below to download the document.

Global Research & Analytics

White paper on Model Risk Management: How to measure and quantify model risk?

News and views
5 December 2019

The aim of this paper is to present model risk situations and a methodology to measure and quantify the associated risk at model level, with different types of assumptions.

Regulatory Watchtower

IBOR Transition

News and views
25 March 2020

IBOR transition represents a real challenge to financial institutions around the world. As the transition is ongoing, all difficulties have not been tackled yet and some key aspects rem...

Augmented Consulting

Video : "End to end innovation and augmented consulting as a service"

News and views
7 June 2019

End to end innovation and augmented consulting are CH&Co.’s response to today’s fast moving world. Hear more in this video of our Partners Patrick Bucquet and Laurent Liotard-Vogt.

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