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Biz Dev & Transformation

Authentification forte des paiements : un délai supplémentaire à mettre à profit !

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4 October 2019

Initialement prévue le 14 septembre dernier, l’entrée en vigueur de l’obligation « d'authentification forte » a finalement été repoussée de 36 mois en France. Les acteurs con...

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Swap Dealer: scope, requirements & challenges

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11 October 2019

Developments on US banking laws, namely Volcker Rule 2.0, SEC rule and CFTC Swap Dealer regulation, have extraterritorial effects: banks need to adapt and anticipate these evolutions.

Data, Tech & Cyber Security

10 functionalities that Facebook Libra should consider in the near future

News and views
1 July 2019

This article focuses on Facebook Libra and its functionalities that should be considered in the near future. Patrick Bucquet, Marie Lermite and Ally Jo made a comparative analysis and d...

Global Research & Analytics

Why are central banks and governements looking at issuing state-backed crypto-currencies?

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16 October 2019

Contrary to cryptocurrency, which is a virtual currency with cryptography and based on blockchain technology, fiat currency is “legal tender” backed by a “central government".

Regulatory Watchtower

Vidéo : "Compliance : assets or constraints ?"

News and views
7 June 2019

We ask Partner Olivier Garcia whether compliance is seen as an asset or as a constraint. His answer comes very clearly : financial services should leverage compliance requirements and t...

Augmented Consulting

Video : "End to end innovation and augmented consulting as a service"

News and views
7 June 2019

End to end innovation and augmented consulting are CH&Co.’s response to today’s fast moving world. Hear more in this video of our Partners Patrick Bucquet and Laurent Liotard-Vogt.

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