Creation of a CIB-wide Client Management team

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of a global initiative within the Bank, our client wanted to create a unique CIB-Wide Department covering all Client Management-related activities such as:

  • Client on-boarding
  • Referential data (products and counterparties data)
  • Client Services (Hotline services, specific services for top clients, client reporting, Cash Management support,….)
  • Collateral Management

Our Approach

  • From a scattered configuration within Capital Markets and Financing the objective was to create a unique entity, in line with the target organization identified on a global scale, to improve client satisfaction as well as internal efficiency
  • Current set-up analysis and diagnosis
    • Identification of client management related functions
    • Cartography of processes and client management workflows
    • Analysis of the current set-up from an organizational standpoint (org-chart, mandates, workload, reporting lines, efficiency and productivity, turnover etc.)
  • Target Operating Model Design
    • Target organization and associated staffing
    • Definition and documentation of new mandates and workflows
  • Scenario validation and roadmap, communication

Client Benefits & Main Results

Identify a single point of contact for the client to enhance efficiency and quality of service

Leverage on synergies between Capital Markets and Financing processes leading to savings and performance optimization

Perform an accurate workload assessment to identify inefficiencies

Align as much as possible regional organizations with head-office set-up for better coordination while taking into account local specificities