Deployment of KYC repository and workflow tools

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of a global initiative within the Bank, our client wanted to deploy a standardized workflow and improve the efficiency of their onboarding and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) re-certification processes through :

  • Deployment of new KYC repository and workflow tools
  • Implementation of new KYC processes and workflows in APAC

Our Approach

Target Operating Model:

  • Target organization chart (e.g. location, team) with roles & responsibilities of relevant parties (e.g. F/O, Client Management, etc.)
  • Target process flow chart describing tasks & corresponding responsible party and necessary control points
  • Fine tuned global standard operating procedure (SOP)

Go-live preparation:

  • Issue log & risk log during testing period
  • Training and go-live (e.g. user guide, handbook)

Performance monitoring:

  • KPI dashboard and new KYC reporting templates

Client Benefits & Main Results

Increased efficiency by automating certain steps used prior to deployment and reduces human interventions

Eliminated repetitive KYCs whenever new relationship is sought in another territory

Consistent and regular KYC reporting from same source

Clear identification of regulatory impact