Global Target Operating Model project

Client Needs & Objectives


Global project (London, Paris, Singapore and Chicago)


Following the acquisition of a broker-dealer by the bank, our client launched a global program to offshore back-office functions to its worldwide shared services centre, and have asked us to:

  • Perform a transfer opportunities study for back-office functions (10 retained)
  • Define the target operation model for each function to be offshored
  • Execute the transition phase (project management, recruitment, on-boarding, training) and ensure the follow-up & oversight (TOM optimization and performance monitoring)

Our Approach

Transfer opportunities study:

  • Identification of transfer constraints (operational risks, specific expertise required, regulatory constraints, critical size, etc.) and prioritization
  • Business case validation

Execution/Transition phase:

  • Target organization (Governance, RACI, KPI, etc.)
  • Internal and external communication (with managers, staff, HR, press release, etc.)
  • Drafting of legal documentation (CSA, CSLA, OLA) and operating procedures
  • Recruitment, onboarding and training

Implementation follow-up and oversight:

  • TOM optimization (workload optimization, workflow and systems enhancement)

Performance monitoring (evaluation of team performance, escalation process

Client Benefits & Main Results

Communicate only with Heads of department and middle management until transfer opportunities are identified and validated

Analyze the existing process entirely to identify potential stickiness with other departments

Spend time to design the overall TOM and get the buy-in of all key stakeholders

Monitor dependencies with other projects

Establish clear RACI and kill potential redundancies

Define a unique sponsor to ensure the lead of the project