Redefinition of Target Operating Model

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Redefinition of Target Operating Model for the Insurance activities of our client in Asia


  • Mainly focused on Life Insurance
  • Asia


  • CH&Co. methodology

Our Approach

  • CH&Co. Business & Operating Model follows a 4 steps methodology:
    • Envision
    • Assess
    • Design
    • Implement
  • A scalable and flexible model to accommodate future growth and change
  • Consolidated processing activities with accountability service standards and measures
  • Improved productivity and profitability through focused cost management
  • Consistent and accurate management information and reporting structure
  • Outlined level of business performance and financial metrics to be measured and monitored

Client Benefits & Main Results

Setting principles to define the future operating model, aligned to client requirements and business strategies

Definition of the target operating model and implications for each business, area, including processes, systems and platforms, organization, functions, people and locations

Developing a roadmap for delivering the defined model and related costs, resources, system requirements, risks and timeline