Sales efficiency / smart segmentation strategy

Client Needs & Objectives

The objectives were as follows:

  • Implement a smart segmentation strategy for Financial Institutions segment combining Financial Data (Balance Sheet and revenues), Sales data, HR data (size of teams) and Risk related data
  • Identify sales opportunities leveraging on findings
  • Test sales scenarios

Our Approach

  • Approach based on our Data Analytics capabilities (CH&Co. Global Research & Analytics)
    • Data collection and quality analysis
    • Variables cross referencing
    • Definition of scope of study
    • Statistical profiling of variables
    • Client data analysis
    • Scoring and ranking
  • Sales opportunities identification
  • Sales strategy definition
  • Sales scenario simulations and impact analysis

Main Deliverables


Client Benefits & Main Results

Key insight on client database

Improved understanding of the current clients’ profile

Identification of patterns of interest

Assessment of the current efficiency of the sales strategy

Adjustment of the sales strategy

Implementation of a Smart Sales segmentation