Revenue Growth Opportunities | Client Centricity

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Using non reliable profitability indicators push banks in focusing mainly –or only on the sources of revenue
  • Lack of clear segmentation strategy and implementation causes wrong focus on client coverage strategies
  • Leading CIB players are expected to review their Client Coverage organisation, tools and processes, with clear objective to constantly improve costs to income ratio
  • Difficulties in having a strong differentiation on products due to lower appetite on complex structures requires CIBs to break silo / product driven historical organisation by promoting client centricity
  • Objective: review Client coverage resources and client segmentation in order to increase revenues

Our Approach

  • Define strategic objectives around client profitability and build a solid data centre at the most granular level to ensure efficient steering of client activity
  • Based on profitability figures, design a robust segmentation strategy and propose clear segments definition to be steered in newly implemented client centric governance
  • Review coverage organisation by breaking silos and equip sales force with “sales cockpit” transversal tool
  • Improve user experience throughout trade lifecycle through process digitisation, strengthening of services offer (derived or disruptive), and internal client culture increase

Client Benefits & Main Results

Adequacy of client coverage resources with defined client segmentation and associated strategy

Favoured synergies across business lines through enhanced information sharing

Increased client satisfaction thanks to raise of perceived value and internal process constant improvements