Financial Crime & Compliance | Design & selection of RPA solutions for Compliance

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Review and optimize existing organizations, procedures and workflows
  • Automate rule-based tasks related to production and first level control
  • Setup cognitive systems to record and analyze patterns, in order to assist judgment-based work

Our Approach

  • Identify processes with automation potential amongst Transaction Monitoring, Client Screening and Sanctions filtering and identify the target technology
  • Determine complexity level to automate a process
  • Analyze potential savings per process to achieve the goal (benefits maximization and efforts minimization)
  • Prioritize process to automate via RPA, Machine Learning or AI based on: the complexity and the potential savings
  • Launch a Proof of concept on 1 to 2 processes and initiate full implementation of selected process based on the prioritization

Main Deliverables


Client Benefits & Main Results

Compliance officers spent more time on investigation and analysis

Automation is scalable and offers the opportunity to multiply data sources

Suppression of human mistakes and oversights frequent with manual tasks

Ongoing detection and integration of Good Guys within the Good Guys list with evolutive computing

Constant development of new logics to identify Good Guys, thanks to AI (neural network) removing the need for one-off costs on data analysis to identify new Good Guys