Data Innovation | Cybersecurity

Client Needs & Objectives

Following the nomination of a new Chief Information Security Officer, an audit of the cybersecurity framework had been performed and pointed out some deficiencies:

  • Sub-optimal Incident Response processes and workflows with many manual tasks handled by analysts
  • High volumes of security alerts
  • Overloaded employees

Our Approach

Use Big Data and Machine Learning to reduce mean time to detect an attacker in the organization to speed incident response & prevent similar attacks

Client Benefits & Main Results

Get rapid insights into the origin and target of advanced attacks to adjust the response

Mean time to resolution divided by 4.5

Stop attacks in progress to protect sensitive data and reduce business impacts

100% of alerts are addressed

Quickly determine the Who, What, Where, When and How to mitigate against repeat scenarios

Prevent the same types of incidents, from recurring in the future

More time spent on focusing on critical threats and better security capacity planning and staffing budgets

85% of incident response tasks are automated