Architecture review and modernization

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of its IT Transformation plan, our client wanted to redesign and modernize its end-to-end trade processing and move from a monolithic architecture towards micro-services, mainly because of:

  • Some exotic products not / not properly covered by the existing set-up
  • Double booking with other systems for PV and Risk calculation, clearing or booking purpose
  • Cost optimization opportunities due to several instances of the main system across different locations
  • Multiplicity of Back Office systems

Our Approach

1. Diagnosis

  • Mapping of the current IT systems and their capabilities
  • Identification of pain points
  • Stickiness assessment with other departments for potential mutualization of services

2. Target architecture design

  • Definition of scenarios with related pros, cons and prerequisites
  • Inventory of services to be implemented and associated APIs
  • Identification of security requirements

3. Financials and validation

  • Identification of staffing required for service developments
  • Assessment of costs and savings for each scenario
  • Negotiation with the provider
  • Preparation of the decision file

Main Deliverables


Client Benefits & Main Results

Architecture modernization with better agility and interoperability

Synergies with other departments thanks to shared micro services

8M€ recurring revenue growth thanks to a better coverage of products

Cost optimization related to the rationalization of instances (decommissioning of 3 platforms)