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Smart Automation

The irresistible growth of robo-advisors, in Swiss Bilan

News and views
12 October 2018

How do robo-advisors develop in financial services ? Two CH&Co. partners, Daniel Corrales and Pierre Bustamante, analyze the growth, trends and potential of this market together with cu...

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Regulators bet on Fintech says our team in French magazine Revue Banque

News and views
1 September 2018

In this tribune in French, our team comments the benchmark they put together to compare how some of the biggest financial authorities see, encourage and regulate fintech throughout the ...

Data, Tech & Cyber Security

6 Blockchain myths explained

News and views
23 November 2018

Shouldn't we question certain so-called "realities" about blockchain ? In this article published in La Tribune, I question 6 truths about blockchain.

Our publications

Global Research & Analytics

White paper on Model Risk Management: How to measure and quantify model risk?

December 2019

The aim of this paper is to present model risk situations and a methodology to measure and quantify the associated risk at model level, using different types of assumptions. Then, consi...

Biz Dev & Transformation

Le modèle de franchise dans la banque de détail : expériences et enjeux

November 2019

Bien qu’encore peu répandue, la formule d’agences bancaires franchisées intéresse actuellement un certain nombre d’établissements.

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Ester : la succession de l’Eonia s’organise

October 2019

Le 2 octobre, le marché monétaire européen a accueilli un nouveau venu : l’Ester, ou €STR. Cet indice a pour but de remplacer totalement l’Eonia d’ici deux ans en devenant le...

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